Wedding crashers

Trevor grabbed his mount’s tit with his free hand and tweaked his sensitive nipple. Liam’s stubble tickled his breast as he licked his way across Trevor’s other nipple.
“Oh my god, this chick loves getting her tits sucked,” Trevor laughed, bouncing up and down on Liam’s dick.
Liam and Trevor were bodyhoppers who loved to crash weddings. Over the course of an afternoon and evening they would take over the hottest people in the wedding and have sex in every different combination. This time they’d started early, hopping two people before the wedding.
Someone knocked on the door of the room. “Mary? Are you in there?” A woman called out.
“Oh shit,” Trevor froze, covering his mouth. “It’s this body’s mom. Shh, shh, shh.” Liam kept licking Trevor’s nipple and making him giggle as he called out: “Yeah, it’s – hee hee – me, mom. I’m just – ha – freshening up. I’ll be out – hee hee – in a minute.”
“We’re still waiting on the best man,” the woman called out.
“I hope he giggle shows up soon,” Trevor called back, batting Liam’s face away. Liam’s cock was still lodged in Trevor’s pussy, making him feel unbelievably good.
“Ok, we have to finish this up,” Trevor hissed. “It’s bad luck for people see the best man fucking the bride before the wedding,” Trevor laughed.
“Then we better finish up quick,” Liam said, gripping Trevor’s hips and yanking him down on his cock.
Trevor moaned and began flicking his nipple, both of them hurrying to enjoy their orgasms so the ceremony wouldn’t run too late.

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  1. You write the best caps I seriously think you can make this idea come to life: a man owes money to a crime syndicate and tries to relocate and not pay. He is later in public with his wife when unbeknownst to him she gets possessed by one of the crime syndicates henchmen. To the husbands horror She begins to put on a sexy public and display and states that she’s not leaving until he pays and to expect many more naughty things than this until they get their money back.


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