Try not to think about it

You’re in your room, doing your homework when you feel a tremor. Between one blink and the next the world changes.
Suddenly, you’re standing, hands pressed against a mirror, your mom’s face reflected back at you. Your mouth is open, still uttering a strangled cry even as your eyes go wide at the tits swaying from your chest and the feel of something warm and hard inside you.
Your dad stands behind you, hands gripping your ass. A fraction of a second after you realize who you now are he thrusts himself inside, impaling you on his dick. God, you can feel his cock pumping out spurts of hot cum even as you struggle to stand and speak. The heat seers your insides and feels so damn good despite your awareness of your predicament.
Your dad pulls out while he’s still coming, letting hot seed drip down your inner thigh. His eyes are wide in horror.
“Mom?” He asks, then looks down at herself and then away. “Oh god! What the fuck?”
You manage to stand and turn from the mirror. Your huge breasts are so heavy on your chest. You try not to think about whose body you’re in and about the warmth dripping down your leg.
You manage to establish that your sister is somehow in your dad’s body, and you tell her who you are. A moment later the door bursts open and your body stands there, along with your sister’s body. Everyone is talking at once, frenzied with panic.
You cover your nakedness, desperate to get back to your own body and wipe the image of your naked mom from your mind. But you’ll have your entire life to get used to your new busty body, because the Great Shift is forever.

A man out for revenge swaps bodies with his ex-girlfriend and takes over her life in It’s a Steal, available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords, Amazon, or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.


  1. I personally think there’s a lot to build upon here for a great part 2 or even part 3. What happens after this? Do the siblings (ex-parents) fuck each other? Do the parents (ex-siblings) fuck more? Do they all fuck? Do they like being fucked? Do they prefer their new bodies? How do they live their lives?

    We need at least a part two of this and “If I knew it was yours” with sex involved in both.

  2. Super hot part 2 needed. With Parents having sex as siblings. And siblings getting used to their new bodies. Maybe a 3 part story

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