Request: love your captions! can you do a story where a liberal lesbian gets possessed by a conservative woman who makes her blonde with fake tits, and then turns her into a submissive housewife to a big dick conservative man? all while she’s aware of what’s happening

Lanie had long since given up fighting the person who’d possessed her body. But that didn’t make it any less disgusting when she was forced to suck her husband’s dick.
“Mmmm,” Lanie found herself vocalizing as she slid her lips up and down her husband’s cock until it was dripping with her saliva. She was forced to stare up at him with wide, vacant eyes and worship his dick while he grinned down at her.
Lanie had been a crew-cutted, brunette lesbian before being possessed one day. It had happened quiet suddenly at work on her lunch break. One second she just lost control of her body and struggled to regain control as a stranger piloted her home.
The possessor seemed to have access to all her memories and enjoyed taunting her with the changes he made to her body. Over a period of weeks she was turned into a peroxide blonde bimbo with big fake tits whose only goal was to land a conservative husband. And she’d succeeded.
Lanie’s body never returned to work. Instead, she married a conservative businessman and became his submissive housewife. She was attentive to his every need, giggled stupidly at all his jokes, spent tons of money on clothes and makeup to be his arm candy. All while Lanie seethed inside.
The worst was the sex. Lanie felt her body putting on a show every time, heard her own voice moaning theatrically, cooing over the size and taste of her husband’s dick, She used to be on track for management, but the person possessing her body had taken that from her. And now all she was good for was looking pretty, sucking dick, and letting her husband do whatever he wanted to her.

A man out for revenge swaps bodies with his ex-girlfriend and takes over her life in It’s a Steal, available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords, Amazon, or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.


  1. I rather have Robotic breast than Peroxide breast .
    I can’t use Latex. My wife will not have breast made out of Latex.
    I can use Latex free rubber, or Leather.
    I think that PETA will not want to be around me.
    Natural breast is my favorite type.

  2. I’m not into your mother/son/incest stuff so I’ll defend this caption as pretty good. I like the helplessness/involuntary life. Prefer TG though.

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