Waiting all afternoon

Aidan peeled off Grace’s sweater, one of her breasts popping out of her bra as he did so. He’d been waiting all afternoon to check out his new body.
Aidan ran his hands up and down his sensual body, following his exquisite curves. He grabbed Grace’s tits and fondled them, fingers gently squeezing them. His touch sent little shivers through his entire body and when his nipples spiked to attention he squeezed them greedily. Short shocks made him shiver and gasp as his new pussy grew warm and wet.
Grace was the boss’s daughter. She occasionally came in to visit Aidan’s boss and he became enamored with her. Her smile, her voice, her body.
Aidan convinced her to be part of his body swapping experiment he’d been working on at the lab. They each stepped into their pod and stepped out a few minutes later in each other’s bodies.
Her dad didn’t know she’d volunteered and Aidan wasn’t about to tell him that he was in his daughter’s body. Grace was surprisingly okay with them pretending to be each other for a little while.
Aidan didn’t question his good luck as he stroked his body, growing warmer and wetter until he just had to slide his fingers into himself.
But Grace found her family quite controlling and she was happy to be someone else for a while. She found that people treated her differently as a man. And she was also excited to explore her new body.

A man swaps bodies with the boss's daughter

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