They’ll never know

“Come on, they’ll never know,” Ron said, encouraging his friend into the spa.
Blake took one last glance behind him before Ron pulled him inside, click-clacking on his high heels.
“You sure?” Blake asked, even as Ron began stroking his body. His hands felt magical on Blake’s slender curves.
“We do it all the time. The owners don’t have to know.”
Blake was a new hire at the day spa where rich clients would come and pay people to swap bodies for a few hours. Blake and Ron were supposed to just do their workouts and return their bodies clean.
Blake’s first swap was with a young woman, one of a mother-daughter pair. Ron had swapped into a younger man. With Ron’s encouragement, they’d sped through their workouts. Then Ron had plied Blake with a glass of wine and convinced him to try out sex as a woman.
Blake’s body felt so nice to touch, and he was curious what it would feel like to have something inside him. The more Ron caressed and kissed Blake’s body, the wetter Blake got until he was throwing himself at Ron, tearing off his clothes so Ron could have access to Blake’s delightful body.
Blake steadied himself on Ron, raising one leg in the air to allow Ron to enter him. Ron’s cock felt incredible as it slid through Blake’s entrance and up through his wet pussy. He cried out, clutching the masculine body as he enjoyed his first female orgasm.
The client only found out when she realized a few weeks later that she was pregnant.

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