It’s happening again

“It’s happening again,” Lana warned her son, Will, as she felt her cock begin to rise to attention.
“I know. I can sense it,” Will replied, his body moving towards her, lifting his top so his mom could fondle her former tits.
The Stranger had visited the mother and son a few days ago. He’d swapped their bodies, leaving Will in the body of his busty mom, and Lana in the body of her horny teenage son. It was bad enough that Will had to walk around with his mom’s bouncy breasts and swaying hips. Even worse, the Stranger had linked him to her.
Whenever Lana got the least bit horny – which happened a lot in her new male teenage body – Will was compelled to service her.
As she fondled her former tits he snaked his hand down her pants and stroked his former cock. When she was rock hard Will found his bod getting to its knees in front of her. He couldn’t stop himself from plunging his mom’s lips over his own dick and driving down the hard shaft, filling his new mouth with her cock.
He stared up at her as he worked her shaft with his lips and tongue. He wasn’t happy he had to do this, but he was forced to do his best and in no time his mom grunted and came. Will was forced to lock his lips around his mom’s dick and suck down every drop of her cum.
Only then would he be able to move his body on his own again.
They couldn’t escape. No matter how far away they were when Lana got horny, Will was forced to drop everything and come to her. After one close call in a grocery store where he’d almost ridden his mom in the middle of the bakery aisle, they remained at home, waiting for the next time.
They only hoped that someone could stop the Stranger.

Son swaps bodies with his mom

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