A MILF’s Life (Preview)

A young man possesses the body of a busty MILF to live her pampered life in A MILF’s Life, available on Smashwords or Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold.

Charlie is insanely jealous of his next door neighbor. It’s not because of the neighbor’s immense wealth or dashing good looks. It’s because he recently married Charlie’s former teacher and longtime crush, Rebecca. Charlie used to love going to class because he could gaze at her incredible figure whenever he wanted but now she’s quit her job to live a life of luxury.

When Charlie finds a magic totem that allows him to project his mind into someone else’s body, he chooses to live Rebecca’s new pampered life for a little while so he can see her every day again.

And do so much more than just look.

Now, as his neighbor’s hot, busty wife, Charlie’s only job is to look good for his husband and manage the household while the neighbor is out of town on a business trip. That leaves plenty of time for Charlie to learn all about his new body.

And in the process he unexpectedly gets himself hot and bothered up for the neighbor’s return.

Charlie knew that the guy next door hadn’t deliberately set out to torment him by marrying Rebecca. But that’s what it felt like.

From the day Rebecca had entered Charlie’s tenth grade English class and introduced herself as the new teacher, Charlie had been smitten.

“Hi everyone, welcome back to school.”

Her voice had been angelic, her dark eyes twinkling, her movements graceful. She’d swept a lock of coffee-brown hair back across her forehead as she surveyed the class, an impish smile on her face. The rest of her hair tumbled down one shoulder in silky waves. She’d worn a simple conservative white blouse that draped over an impressive chest. There was not a hint of cleavage for the young men in the class but Charlie had imagined enough by the way her clothes clung gently to her body.

“My name is Rebecca Easterwood,” she’d turned and grabbed some chalk to write her name on the board.

Charlie’s gaze had travelled down her long black skirt, admiring the curves of the ample bottom beneath and the brief glimpse of perfect calves. He had a feeling he wasn’t the only one who wanted to squeeze that plump butt. She must have been somewhere in her late thirties and with a well-maintained mom-ish figure Charlie adored. His eyes had snapped back up to meet hers as she turned around. He was almost certain she’d caught him looking and she’d smiled directly at him. It had been a smile that could have been interpreted as anything: mischievous, sexy, knowing. But was, in all likelihood, just intended to be warm and friendly.

“I’ll be your teacher this year. Did you all have a good summer break?”

Charlie murmured his assent along with the rest of the class. From that moment on he’d never skipped English class. He’d volunteered to help her after school whenever there was a task to be done. His classmates no doubt thought he was a brown-noser, but Charlie just wanted to be with her. Though, when he was honest with himself, he knew he wanted more. He wanted to be her.

After that first meeting she’d invaded his fantasies. Most nights, he’d retired to his room and imagined wearing Rebecca’s body. He’d fantasized about walking around as her, dressing as her, talking as her, touching himself as her. The fantasies had only gotten stronger with each passing day.

So Charlie was annoyed and upset and extremely jealous when he happened to catch her being escorted up the neighbor’s driveway by the dapper grey-haired executive who lived there. Charlie only got the full story much later from the poor kid who lived there, some freshman Charlie had never met but took an active interest in after seeing Rebecca go into his house. Apparently, the older guy was the kid’s dad, Matthew, and he’d asked out Rebecca after the first parent-teacher conference of the year. They’d hit it off immediately but had agreed to hold off until the kid was no longer in her class.

Charlie didn’t know which year was the greater torment: the year where he could stare at Rebecca every day in class and let his fantasies run wild, or the year after when she made friends with Charlie’s mom and would often visit his house, dressed so beautifully.

Matthew was some rich lawyer. Divorced and with too much money, as far as Charlie was concerned. He had a fancy party every year where he invited everyone in the neighborhood to come to his house. It was exactly as garish as Charlie expected. Basically, Charlie was insanely jealous.

During Charlie’s eleventh grade year, Matthew would take Rebecca on expensive dates and spur-of-the-moment trips to exotic locations. It was these times that Charlie suspected Rebecca didn’t really like teaching and had latched onto the neighbor for the money and the chance to escape her low-income lifestyle. During summer vacation, Rebecca lounged around the pool. A lot. She invited Charlie’s mom and the whole family over several times. Of course Charlie had to go.

Watching Rebecca slink about the neighbor’s pool in her swimsuit had been a whole new kind of torment. Her bouncing breasts were tucked into the black swimsuit, which was cut low, revealing acres of perfect cleavage that Charlie ached to own. The swimsuit clung and shaped her hourglass figure. Charlie couldn’t help staring at her bouncing butt as she walked, wondering what it would be like to be inside her, to have that body, to be able to touch it anytime he wanted, to feel the covetous eyes of other men on him and know they all desired him.

Matthew and Rebecca got married during Charlie’s senior year, a few months after Charlie had turned eighteen. They’d jetted off to Paris for a honeymoon and Charlie was free from his torment. It had been a brief respite before Rebecca returned to feature in his everyday life. Though this time it was at the house next door, for she’d quit her teaching job. She didn’t need the money. As far as Charlie could tell her new job seemed to be keeping herself pretty for the neighbor while she leeched off his money. And, god, didn’t she have any other friends? Why was she always over at his house, laughing with his mom?

Charlie hadn’t pegged Rebecca for a gold digger at first sight. Perhaps it was something one just fell in to. She’d spent the last few months redecorating the house, setting about to make it more familiar to her.

Today, like most days, Charlie knew that Rebecca would be in the lounge room or out on the back deck with his mom by the time he arrived from school. He wasn’t ready to face her presence so he took the long way back from school. It took him by a quaint row of small shops tucked up next to each other. There was the bakery, a store that sold expensive cookware and knickknacks, a convenience store, and a liquor store. As Charlie trudged along, dolefully kicking a rock, he noticed another store.

It looked like it had been shoved between the kitchen store and the convenience store. The awning hung at a peculiar angle over an antique glass window. A neat etching on the window read simply “Curios”. At first Charlie was certain he’d never seen the store before, but the longer he looked at it the more familiar it seemed until his doubts had totally disappeared. Of course it had always been here.

The display in the window was of an antique armoire set up next to an ornate wooden coffee table. A few old books were piled neatly on the table and all of the titles on the spines were in languages Charlie couldn’t read. He had the strangest suspicion that they weren’t actual languages.

The store piqued his interest so he pulled open the front door, setting off a little bell over the doorway that rang with a gentle tingle. The inside of the shop was crammed from floor to ceiling with all manner of objects from ancient weaponry to 1960s plastic tableware. A little old man with a long white beard sat behind the counter. He looked up from his magazine and smiled as Charlie entered.

“Hello, young man. Can I interest you in something special?”

“I’m just looking.”

“They always say that at first,” he nodded knowingly.

Charlie meandered through the shop, looking at the vast collection of antiques. Some—like the gold inlaid hand mirror—seemed old and valuable enough to be worth hundreds of dollars. Others—like the plastic badminton set with a badly damaged birdie and a racquet missing a few strings—seemed like junk.

“You’re looking for some magic.”

The old man’s voice was so close it made Charlie jump. He whirled around, his backpack nearly knocking a load of books off a nearby shelf. The old man steadied them with a liver-spotted hand.

“What?” Charlie asked when his heart stopped thumping madly from the fright.

“Magic. You want something different with your life. Come this way.”

Charlie followed the old man back to the counter. The old man reached into the glass display beneath the register and pulled out a small plastic chess pawn.

“This will let you try out a different life. Rebecca’s life, is it you want?” The old man said. “Your former school teacher slash crush turned neighbor.”

Charlie opened and closed his mouth wordlessly. How did he know? After a few seconds of silence Charlie just nodded.

“Ever heard of astral projecting?” The old man asked. He proceeded to tell Charlie how, by tapping the pawn in a certain rhythm, he would able to project his soul up and out of his body. Then he would have to reach in and pull someone else’s soul from their body. A body could only fit a soul that reflected its physical image, so Charlie would have to merge with his victim’s soul, dominate them and control them, before he would be allowed to enter their body.

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