Next best thing

Request: Loving your work lately! Could you do a caption where I swap into my stepdads body as he is having sex with my best friend. He was imagining it being me and she was the next best thing, I’d love to fuck her and I’ve always been curious what its like when guys have sex with me and he’s got an incredible body to try both with…

Kim was in her dorm room studying for a history exam when the FOSE hit. In one blink she found herself in her family’s living room.
She was kneeling on the couch, wrapped around a woman. Her large hands held two heavy breasts. Looking down, Kim recognized the tattoo on her arm as one belonging to her stepdad. Somehow she was in his body!
The woman’s ass was pressed up against her groin and she could feel herself sliding into the woman’s warm, slick opening.
Oh god! She had a cock! And…it felt so good. The pleasure was intense and almost overwhelming.
The woman turned and Kim realized it was her best friend, Felicia.
“Keep going,” Felicia begged.
Kim licked her lips. She really didn’t want to pull out. There was a desire in her groin, a need to bury herself into the hilt inside Felicia.
So she did, sliding in and out of her friend’s wet hole, her hands full of her friend’s bouncy tits, her friend’s body curved beneath her, warm and soft and willing. Kim came suddenly, grunting as she plunged deep inside, emptying herself into Felicia’s wet cunt.
Only later did Kim discover it was that FOSE that swapped her into her stepdad’s body. He’d been thinking about her while fucking her friend. Apparently, Felicia had been the next best thing.
The two agreed to continue their affair as best friends with benefits.

Three women are trapped in a high tech brothel while strangers take turns possessing them and making them do the most degrading things in Fantasy Girls. Due to themes of coercion and mind control, this title is only available on Smashwords. Preview here.


  1. I’d love to request a story where a mother hits hard times and sells her body for a less attractive one, in order to make ends meet, not realising it’s the body of her son’s favourite porn star, who was looking to get out the game.

  2. Wow this is so hot 🔥❤️. You know I’ve been a big fan of Mom/Son swaps and same goes but Father/Daughter swaps deserve more love as well

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