Tonight, like every night, I heard the hot blonde next door crying out in ecstasy as she fucked her boyfriend. It wasn’t just that the walls of our apartment were thin. She was also quite loud.
Surely, he couldn’t be that good, I thought. She must be faking it for his benefit.
I paused in my work to listen to her rising moans.
If she was faking it, she was a fantastic actor.
I was intrigued and, honestly, jealous if her boyfriend could make her feel that good. So the next night I cast a possession spell, flying through the walls of our thin apartment to land in her body.
She had a fantastic figure: lean and athletic with perky breasts. When I landed in her body she was already in the middle of a makeout session with her boyfriend. So I just continued, letting the warmth flow through my body as his mouth explored my neck, my shoulders, each bouncing breast.
In no time I was sopping wet, my body craving him inside me. He flipped me onto my stomach and I raised my taut ass in the air. He slid inside my sopping wet entrance and thrust deep into my wet warmth.
Oh Christ, it was heavenly!
I closed my eyes and moaned as he slid in and out of me. His cock fit this pussy perfectly. He spread apart the velvety walls of my cunt with each thrust, sending pleasure rising through me, each wave building on the next until I came in a massive, mindblowing orgasm, crying out just like she cried out every night.
My curiosity was sated, but not my jealousy. I found myself returning to her body, night after night, letting her boyfriend fill me as I reveled in my stolen orgasm.

Three women are trapped in a high tech brothel while strangers take turns possessing them and making them do the most degrading things in Fantasy Girls. Due to themes of coercion and mind control, this title is only available on Smashwords. Preview here.

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