Uninterrupted time

“Mom!” I squeaked in surprise. I covered my tits with one hand, my pussy with the other. It was just instinct. I mean, this body used to belong to her so she’d already seen everything but it still felt weird to be naked in front of her.
“Sorry, sweetie,” she said. “I was just coming in to get my toothbrush.”
“Well go!” I shouted.
But she lingered there for a beat longer than necessary. I could see an erection tenting out her pants and wondered what she was thinking.
When the Great Shift first put me into my mom’s busty body I was scared and disgusted. That all changed with the first shower, when I ran my hands across my heavy new tits and discovered how pleasurable it made me feel. And dipping my hand between my legs, fingers sliding into my new pussy was heaven. The sound of the running water drowned out my cries of lust as I fingered myself and squeezed my tits.
I don’t know if it was my male mind in her body, but just feeling myself move made me horny. Mom – in my body -must have sensed it because she hung around me more. I’d taken longer showers just for some uninterrupted time to have fun with my new body and I’d just been cresting to a warm, wonderful orgasm when mom had interrupted me.
Maybe this was her way of asking to join me. But I was having too much fun on my own. She’d have to figure out my cock by herself.

Three women are trapped in a high tech brothel while strangers take turns possessing them and making them do the most degrading things in Fantasy Girls. Due to themes of coercion and mind control, this title is only available on Smashwords. Preview here.


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