Used to being her 2

Request: I’m hoping you do a lot of more sequels to your older captions. Another sequel idea I would like to see is used to being her!!! Does he ever get his body back or did something else happened??

Part 1

"You like that...big...boy?" Alex said, attempting to talk dirty from within his sister's body.
Rich didn't seem to mind, he was just happy to have Krista naked and spread for him.
"Hold your leg up," Rich said, stroking his cock.
"Like this? Whoa!"
The last was because Rich had suddenly thrust his cock into Alex's velvety folds. Fortunately, he'd used plenty of lube, because Alex tensed involuntarily as Rich's cock pushed past his tight entrance and deep inside.
"Play with your tits," Rich commanded.
Alex brought his hand up and stroked his sister's bare breast, fingers playing with his sensitive nipple. Rich grunted appreciatively and thrust in deep, filling Alex's tiny body. Rich's cock rubbed against the little ring on Alex's clit, sending pleasurable pulses through him.
Alex just wanted his own body back, but to do so he'd needed to make Rich into Krista's girlfriend. Hopefully, fucking him would get it done, which was why Alex was so accommodating to all of Rich's requests.
He stared up at Rich, not really wanting to see his sister's naked body as it jiggled with each thrust. Now the pleasure was real and so were the little moans, his voice rising in pitch as pleasure spilled through him. Alex spread his legs wider, urging Rich in deeper, trying to sate his temporary body's need.
Hopefully, it was a win-win situation.

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