Feet of strength

Tim could barely contain his excitement when he found out he was going to be Dara's partner in Swap Class. He caught the jealous looks of the other guys when he stepped out of the machine in her lithe body. Dara was a cheerleader, and Tim felt so athletic and energetic.
He bounced back to his seat, enjoying the sway of his hips, the jostle of his breasts. As soon as school let out he ran home and threw off his clothes to enjoy himself. He ran his hands along Dara's body, enjoying her warm supple skin, loving the sight of her own hands stroking herself until his pussy grew warm and moist. He loved being inside her. She was gorgeous and he was horny. It was a perfect combination.
And her feet were incredible. Dainty little toes. Perfect curves. Dara was so flexible he could bring one foot to his mouth and lick it, running his tongue along his toes as the fingers of his other hand slid into his new body, nestling into his new wet warmth.
He licked himself and stroked his velvety folds, the orgasm building within him as he shoved Dara's foot as deep into his mouth as he could and came, body shaking, toes flexing across his tongue. The orgasm was deep and long, pleasure spiking through every inch of his body and, even when it abated, he was left with a yearning for more.
He masturbated again and again, satisfying his body's urges until he was exhausted. He remained naked the whole night so he could stroke his pussy whenever the urge presented itself. Which was often.

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