Just Relaxing (MtF Possession)

A man possesses the body of his long-time crush and melds their minds together, enjoying himself for a weekend as they grow closer than ever in Just Relaxing, available on Smashwords or Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold.

A few minutes later she came walking down the hallway. Her hair was down, golden tresses falling to the middle of her back. For an instant, seeing her silhouetted in the hallway, I could imagine that we were together. That feeling of ease was reinforced when she plonked herself down right next to me on the couch, so close that our knees were touching.

 “So, what’s the plan?” She clapped her hands together.

“Don’t you have to do a presentation?”

“Not until tomorrow afternoon,” she waved me away. “And tonight’s all the boring welcome stuff. I’d rather spend the time with you.” This last was emphasized by her gripping my arm and shaking me playfully.

“I haven’t really done up an itinerary but there’s usually a band playing at the bar down the street. I gotta warn you they sometimes have some really weird acts. One time they had a zydeco night.”

“Weird is good. I like weird. That’s why I hang out with you.” She briefly lay her head on my shoulder, and when she pulled away the fresh scent of her lingered in my nose.

So we hung out and we enjoyed each other’s company. Every time I thought about being inside her once again my heart started racing. She clung to me and I overanalyzed each move: Was she touching me on purposes trying to get a reaction? Or was it just the jostling of the crowd? What did she mean by that particular turn of phrase?

By the time we returned to my place later that night I was nearly bursting. I let her have the first shower and when she finished she knocked on my bedroom door. I opened it to find her wearing only a bath towel. It ended high up on her thighs and was tucked into itself against her breasts. Little drops of water still clung to her elegant neck and I desperately wanted to kiss them off her.

“All yours,” she said.

I took it as an invitation and the instant she turned I hopped her. My body dissolved into particles streaming through the air towards her. I felt the nothingness between bodies, an infinite lightness of being. And then I was filling her. In less than a blink I was inside her body, looking out at the world from behind her eyes.

With our minds already half melded from my last possession it was easy to assume control of her body without her noticing. I didn’t even need to send her mind to sleep because she thought that everything she was doing was of her own volition. My actions and desires substituted easily for her own, so when I went into my spare room and let the towel drop to the floor, she had no idea that I was in control of her. And when I looked down at my body and grew aroused at the sight of Lindsey’s breasts hanging from her chest, she thought it was her own desire for herself.

God, she was beautiful. Her breasts perfectly teardrops ending in silver dollar-sized areolae. Small but perky. I’d missed being inside Lindsey. Missed her strength, her energy her…Lindsey-ness. She smelled heavenly, her tangerine body wash lingering in my nose.

I opened the closet to stare at myself on the mirror that hung from the closet door. Lindsey’s reflection swung into view. Her body was still fit after all these years. Her long legs were divine, a pale latte color, smooth and firm from her daily runs. The muscles in her arms and legs appeared briefly as I shifted to admire myself. My eyes played down the light tuft of golden hair lining her pussy.

I turned and admired her profile. My god, her ass was incredible. Each butt cheek was taut and perfectly sculpted. I ran my fingers across Lindsey’s ass, grazing her skin gently, before giving it a light smack. I giggled with delight as I watched the soft bounce of her ass in the mirror. Then I rested my hand on one butt cheek and squeezed gently. Mmm, wonderful. A flush of warmth crept through me as I touched my new body.

I turned back around, Lindsey’s tits wobbling as I did so. My desire for Lindsey’s body flared to life within me as I watched her move and felt the world from within her mind. Inside my mind Lindsey joined me in desire, slightly amused at how much she was lusting after herself. She didn’t know why she was getting turned on by herself, but I wanted it so she wanted it.

I grabbed my tits and clutched them to my chest. They were as firm and bouncy as I remembered, and my fingers dimpled the skin lightly. I splayed my fingers around each tit, grabbing as much as I could, eager for myself. In the mirror, Lindsey’s cheeks had grown pink and her mouth was half open in utter desire. I bit my plump lower lip as I continued playing with my breasts, feeling myself up, hungry for the form I now possessed.

Now my body was delightfully warm and growing moister by the second. I nodded at my reflection, licked my lips slowly, made little come hither faces and watching as I made Lindsey flirt with her own reflection. Seeing my desires play out across her features just made me hornier. I giggled lightly, a carefree, easy sound. Flirty and tempting. I squeezed my tits harder, the bridge of my delicate nose wrinkling as pleasure lit through me.

I sat down in front of the mirror, my knees bent in the air, legs spread so I could see the lips of my pussy. Grabbing my tits again, I jiggled them, cupping them gently and pushing them together to form massive cleavage. One hand roamed down my stomach, over my mound and followed the strip of pubic hair to my entrance. In her mind, I felt Lindsey wonder at how she’d gotten so horny so suddenly, and whether it was right to do this with me—the real me—in the other room. But I wanted to continue so she wanted to continue, and I dipped a finger inside myself for the first time in a year.

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