New lives now

Nevaeh struggled to do a single pushup in her transformed body. It didn't help that she was weighted down with tremendous new breasts courtesy of the Role Exchanger. They swayed beneath her as her arms shook until she collapsed painfully onto her tits.
She'd been a 45 year old mother of two until the Role Exchanger blew through town. She'd swapped ages with the teenager next door, becoming youthful again. The mountainous breasts could only have come from the obese woman across the street. They were huge and unwieldy on her slender frame. And it didn't help that she'd apparently taken on the fitness lifestyle of one of the other neighbors.
She wanted to work out and be athletic, but it was so hard with this body. Still, she kept trying, starting slowly with a workout regime in the back garden she used to love while her husband tended the plants. Her love of gardening had transferred to him.
Most disturbing, Nevaeh's daughter -- now her mother's age -- seemed to have taken on the sexual desires of her teenage son. Nevaeh would catch her staring out from her bedroom window as she worked out in the yard below, breasts bouncing with each motion. She thought she'd heard some stifled moans, her daughter clearly masturbating to the sight of her mom's massive breasts.
These were their new lives now, and they had no choice but to get used to them.

A goddess offers to give her power to a rich man if he can survive being switched into the body of a beautiful young woman in an impoverished country for two weeks in Gods and Men (Part 1), available on Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.


    1. I definitely agree. I also wonder what happened to her teenage son? Elaborating on the family’s changes would be great. How much did the role Exchanger get them?

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