Just a little crush

"Oh, shit, it worked!" Dan exclaimed when he blinked his eyes open in Kate's body.
He was standing at the top of the stairs, wearing Kate's body, dressed in the same outfit she'd left Dan's house in thirty minutes before and that had driven him wild.
Kate was Dan's sister's hot friend. He'd had a crush on her forever and had recently found a spell that would let him possess her body. Now he was inside her and alone.
Dan unbuckled her shorts and then yanked up his shirt, hand resting on his bouncing breasts as he ogled Kate's trim tummy. He slid one hand down his pants, fingers trembling as he landed on her mound and followed the coarse trail of hair down to her slit.
"Oh, fuck," he whispered in her soft voice as his fingers landed on her pussy. "Ooh, that pussy feels nice," he said, giggling at the sound of Kate's voice complimenting her own body.
He leaned on the banister and stroked himself, fingers moving up and down his entrance as he grew ever slicker. He enjoyed watching Kate move, making her fingers stroke herself and grab her tits. His fingers skated over her dew and he trembled, dragging it up to the little bud that was swelling out and making heat spread through his body.
Dan stroked faster, head lolling to one side as pleasure spread through him. His fingers soon became wet and the slick sound of his pleasure hit his ears, dragging a tiny moan from Kate's lips. The first of many.

A man possesses the body of his long-time crush and melds their minds together, enjoying himself for a weekend as they grow closer than ever in Just Relaxing, available on Smashwords or Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.

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