What do you think?

"What do you think?" Evan said, leaning against the door frame and striking a pose.
Darryl shifted on the bed, turning to face Evan, pushing long auburn hair back out of his eyes.
"That's my girl," Darryl said, his eyes sliding up and down his friend's svelte new form. One of his own slender hands rested on his hip, and he slowly traced the swell of his ass, tickling himself with his manicured nails until goosebumps flared across his skin and he shivered.
Evan joined him on the bed and the two guys stroked each other, dainty hands playing over each other's bodies.
The two guys had each been swapped into the other's girlfriend during the Great Shift. After a few days of trauma and fear and denial they'd neared acceptance and had become curious. When their girlfriends went out to get food, the two guys decided to explore.
Now Evan kissed Darryl, their soft lips coming together. Evan's girlfriend tasted the same but she moved differently with Darryl inside, enjoyed different things, and was much more interested in playing with her tits. Evan's girlfriend had also always been hesitant about letting him go down on her, but now Darryl pushed Evan between his legs and Evan feasted on his girlfriend's tangy slick folds. His own body grew hot and wet, dripping onto the bed as Darryl moaned and clutched his new body, soon enjoying a shaking, shuddering orgasm.
Then it was Evan's turn.

A man possesses the body of his long-time crush and melds their minds together, enjoying himself for a weekend as they grow closer than ever in Just Relaxing, available on Smashwords or Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.

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  1. Lucky bastards. However, I’m pretty sure their girlfriends will be pissed when they got home 😅

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