Unintended exploration

Marlon hadn't intended to hold his mom's huge breasts in each hand. But he was stuck in her body until the device recharged for them to swap back, and was stuck alone at home. She'd gone to school in his body, confident he couldn't get into any trouble home alone.
But Marlon's new breasts jiggled on his chest at each step, his thick thighs brushed together, his hips swayed back and forth. Despite the body belonging to his mom, it was strangely alluring being a woman.
It was mid-morning when he shimmied out of his pants and top and took hold of his mom's tits for the first time. He smiled as he ran his hands around his heavy breasts, sighing as he enjoyed the light touch of his fingers on his sensitive nipples. He caressed his breasts until his nipples spiked out, calling for more attention, as a spike of warmth drove deep down into his body.
It wasn't long before he rolled down his panties to explore everything. Spreading his legs, he looked down at the pussy he now possessed. Intrinsically, he knew it was his mom's, but it was on his body, he was in total control, and he felt more curiosity and horniness than disgust.
He slowly spread himself apart, fingers circling his aching folds until he landed on a little nub that sent an instant shiver through him. Still rolling a fat breast in one hand, he stroked himself until he was wet and shaking, moaning in his mom's throaty voice as he enjoyed her orgasm.

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