Freaky Christmas

Request: Id love to see a story about a guy and his girlfriend finding a magic santa/christmas hat that let them switch bodies and he becomes her ho ho ho!

Alex didn't know what to think when his girlfriend, Brit, gave him his Christmas present.
"Surprise!" She laughed, handing him an ordinary-looking Santa hat.
"Is this the whole present?" Alex asked, confused.
"Put it on. I think you'll like it."
Alex was a little peeved but, as his brunette girlfriend was dressed in just a grey skirt, candy cane panties, and stockings, and he got the impression that her real present might be that she was offering to have sex with him for the first time, he put it on.
The world spun and suddenly he was looking at himself. He took a step back, dizzy, and would have fallen if his former body hadn't reached out to cup an arm around his waist. Alex tossed the brunette curls out of his face and looked down at himself. He was greeted with the sight of Brit's body, the gray top barely covering his slender top, her long legs peeking out beneath.
"W-what happened?" He breathed in Brit's sweet voice.
"I'm a witch. I enchanted this hat so it would swap our bodies. I knew you wanted to get into my panties and now here's your chance!" She beamed.
"Not exactly what I meant," Alex muttered, beginning to explore his body, touching the light curves. He sat and spread his legs, pulling apart his panties so he could gaze at the sweet pussy he'd been longing to touch.
"Mmm," Brit muttered, "Maybe you wanted your Christmas present to be our first time together? We can do that, too."
Alex hardly protested as she gently straddled him, one of his own former hands coming down to stroke the delicate pussy he now possessed. He shivered with anticipation, his new pussy growing wet and achy with need.
But he didn't protest as she gently brought him to orgasm, and then slid his own cock gently into his slick new folds, filling his new body as he clung to her and rode his own cock to another blissful orgasm.

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