Ho, ho, hooo!

Santa had long stopped giving out coal as punishment in an effort to be eco-friendly. Instead, he began using the magic of his thousand workshop elves.
Christian was a good boy who's only Christmas wish was to be a girl. Isla was a bad girl who's only wish was to dress up as a sexy Santa and have sex with her sister's boyfriend.
So Santa swapped their bodies, meting out both a punishment and a reward.
Christian suddenly found himself in a petite, feminine body. A ready and white cloak wrapped around his body, opened to reveal his perky breasts. He was delighted with his new body, and wanted to show Santa his gratitude.
Santa insisted it was all part of his job, but Christian persisted, sinking to his knees and pulling out Santa's cock. It grew rock hard between his lips as he pleasured it with his new tongue, gliding up and down the shaft, luxuriating in the feel of his new body as it jiggled and shifted in exciting new ways.
As he sucked Santa's cock, his free hand slid between his legs and teased his new wetness, stroking up and down his entrance and dipping into his silky folds.
"Ho, ho, hooooo!" Santa moaned as he came, his cock throbbing between Christian's soft new lips.
Christian drank down the delicious sweet cum, his body growing ever wetter, the pleasure rising to a wonderful climax as he lay back and fingered himself to a long orgasm to celebrate his Christmas miracle.

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