For so long

Request: A boyfriend and a girlfriend go in a car, after the accident the girlfriend dies of brain damage and the boyfriend’s body is destroyed, the families agree to save the boy using the girl’s body and that is how it would be like “if he were still alive”, the boyfriend is in shock at first, but discover the great advantages of having perfect tits and a nice pussy.

It was still a shock seeing his girlfriend's face whenever he looked in the mirror, watching as he moved her body. The psychiatrist said it would help him adjust if he stared at himself in the mirror for a few minutes every day. They never said he had to be naked. That was Ozzy's own idea.
Ozzy had been driving his girlfriend, Daniela, when they got into a car crash. His body had been ruined beyond repair but his mind was intact, while Daniela had been left brain dead but with minor injuries. The two families agreed that the best thing to do was to transfer Ozzy into his girlfriend's body.
Ozzy was shocked at first, and saddened about his girlfriend. But he got to see her every day, and became more intimate with her body than ever before.
He began to enjoy these mirror sessions where he would pose for himself, trying his hair up and down, turning and strutting back and forth to admire the sway of his hips and ass and chest.
The psychiatrists had never mentioned exploring anything further just yet, but Ozzy decided to jump ahead a few sessions. As he stroked his new body for the first time he felt himself warming. The feeling of his pussy growing wet, the little lips spreading as a tension gripped him was exotic and wonderful.
He'd never heard Daniela orgasm so loudly or for so long, and he soon became intimately acquainted with every inch of her body and grew to love being the new Daniela.

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