Piercing cry

"Stop touching my breasts!" Erika yelped.
"They're my tits now," her brother, Brandon, replied. He leaned forward and yanked the top of his dress down below his heavy breasts and wobbled them at his sister.
"Mom!" Erika yelled.
Their mom came in -- inside their dad's body -- and shouted at them both.
"Cut it out! You two need to be respectful in each other's bodies."
"I am," Erika insisted, "He's the one feeling me up."
"Nuh uh."
"Both of you go to your room!" Their mom thundered.
"But--" Erika started to protest.
Brandon was quite happy to go to his room and slip out of his sister's dress. He was quite surprised to find his sister had pierced both nipples, and even more surprised to find how amazing it felt to squeeze the little metal studs.
"Wow!" He said, his fingers playing across his sister's fat breasts.
The pain was dizzying and delightful, spiking down between his legs and creating the first sparks of warmth. A little more fondling of his body made the sparks burn brighter. Soon he was naked on the bed, hands stroking up and down his sister's stacked body and urging the most incredible orgasm out of himself that he'd ever experienced.
As he lay there, soaking wet, his fat breasts hanging down his side, he hoped his mom wouldn't be able to fix the machine and they'd be stuck in these bodies.
Angel Wicky

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