Delayed the inevitable

I don't know how my roommate did it, but he always brought home the hottest girls from the club. I was insanely jealous, but rather than working out and improving my people skills, I turned to magic.
The next time my roommate brought home a big-titted blonde from the bar I waited for a few minutes after they went into the bedroom and locked the door to cast my spell.
I guess my aim was off, or maybe I did the spell wrong, because when the world flipped I was suddenly on my knees, something warm and hard-soft filling my entire mouth. My fingers were also wrapped around the warm thing and my eyes widened in surprise as I realized I was sucking my roommate's dick.
I pulled off with a gasp, a little trail of saliva connecting my new lips to his dick. I looked down at my tits. Holy hell, they were incredible. But even as I stared at my new chest I could still taste my roommate's cock, and I could still feel it pulsing beneath my fingers, the massive cockhead still pointing at my nose.
"Oh, god, keep going," he muttered.
"Um, why don't you do me first?"
He seemed surprise at the sudden turn, but he was eager to flip me onto my back and lick my new pussy until I orgasmed around him. Of course, that only delayed the inevitable and afterwards it was only fair that I suck his cock.

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