Wouldn’t be long now

Micah eyed himself in the mirror, tossing back his long blonde hair and tugging at the bottom of his towel. His fingers slid across the soft skin and the plump butt he now owned.
He certainly could have done worse out of the Great Shift than ending up in the body of his girlfriend's hot mom. She was like an older version of his girlfriend, the same sweet face and toned body, but with bigger tits.
Micah had confined himself to exploring her body only when only in the shower, letting the sound of the running water cover his moans while he squeezed and bobbled his new tits. His girlfriend's mom's body was delightful.So soft and grabbable. Her curves swung temptingly whenever he walked. Sometimes it was difficult to wait until he was alone to touch himself.
And it was fun to look nice, to put on makeup and do his hair, making his body hot. He'd already turned a few heads and had talked about doing more with some other guys who'd been swapped into women. They were all finding their way, willing to explore one little step at a time.
His girlfriend's mom had ended up in his body, while his girlfriend had swapped with her own dad. Micah knew his girlfriend was having feelings for him in this body and it was fun to tempt her, to watch how she reacted when he walked through the bedroom in just a towel. Surely, it wouldn't be long now until she took him, and they both explored the pleasure of their new bodies.

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