Isn’t this nice? 1

"Isn't this nice? Just the two of us?" Lester stretched his new lips into a predatory grin.
"Don't you dare do anything to my mom's body," Max growled. Being in the body of the preppy class president had already given him a confidence he'd never had. But Lester was undeterred, he just straddled Max's lap and kissed him on the cheek, smearing Max's mom's ruby red lipstick across Max's handsome new face. Lester laughed as Max tried to wipe it off.
Lester constantly tormented Max, so Lester couldn't believe his luck when Swap Class had an uneven number of students in it and he was forced to swap with the teacher, who also happened to be Max's mom. In this new body Lester planned to enjoy a week of tormenting Max, and it started with the afternoon right after Swap Class. Lester pulled Max into an empty classroom to taunt him.
"I won't do anything," Lester purred, stroking Max's chin. "As long as you can distract me." He kissed Max again and ran his slender new hands through Max's hair before leaning to whisper into his ear. "I'm sooo wet. Think you can take care of me?"
"That's disgusting," Max started to push Lester away.
Lester shrugged. "If you won't do it I'll ruin your mom's body. I'll fuck every guy in this school and get her pregnant. I'll eat nothing but sweets and get her fat. I'll upload pictures of her naked body to every website I can find."
In order to protect his mom, Max had no choice. Lester lay back on the desk, hiked up his skirt, and spread his legs wide. He was, indeed, wet, Max's mom's pussy already dewy with juices. Max forced himself to slide his tongue against his mom's pussy and lick up and down her slit, slowly slipping into her body until her musk surrounded him. He gritted his eyes tight and  lapped at his mom's pussy, sucking her salty essence, swirling his tongue around her velvety folds, trying to ignore the wet sounds of his mom’s pussy until Lester finally cried out and came around him.
Max's only consolation was that he wasn't in his own body, so technically it wasn't incest.

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