Isn’t this nice? 2

Lester was lying about not doing anything in Max's mom's body as long as Max satisfied him. Lester had secretly videotaped the whole thing and threatened to release the video of Max eating out his own mom if Max ever turned on him. From then on, Lester had practically free reign in his busty, mature body.
Max came home one day to find his mom's body on her knees between two other guys from school. Lester already had one cock deep in his pussy, and was teasing another cock with his tongue when Max walked in. Lester turned to him, cock still in hand, and grinned.
"Hey, honey, how was your day?" Lester laughed.
The guy behind him never stopped thrusting slowly in and out of Lester's new pussy, and Lester closed his eyes and shivered as a small orgasm shook him. Max started to leave but Lester stopped him.
"Oh no, don't you go anywhere until these two studs finish with me or I'll release your secret."
Max was forced to watch as Lester pleasured his new body on the two guys, Max's mom's tits bouncing as she was pounded from behind. She drove her lips deep down the shaft in front of her. The guys held off cumming and switched around several times so Lester could suck his own delicious musk off each cock. It was agony for Max, watching his mom get fucked like this. Even worse, Max's own temporary body was growing hard, especially when his mom moaned and the cock in her hand exploded across her pretty face, drenching her in cum while the guy behind her gripped her gloriously plump butt, sank in deep and came, grunting as he emptied himself into Max’s mom.

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    1. It would be hot if he swapped his mum back into her body but forces then to keep having sex by threatening to release the video.

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