Isn’t this nice? 3

By day three Max had gotten used to seeing his mom going about the house naked. It no longer bothered him when Lester strolled by, fat butt wiggling, breasts jiggling. He even learned to ignore it when Lester stroked himself at the dinner table, running his fingers through his new pussy until he came in a quivering, gasping orgasm. Max just kept eating.
That evening Lester paraded around in just an apron, shaking his butt in Max's face. But still Max didn't give him the pleasure of a reaction. That just made Lester pissed off and he slammed the dishes into the sink.
"All right, Max, I see you've gotten used to seeing your mom naked. And now that all your friends have had a chance to fuck me, it's your turn."
Max had known this was coming. Truthfully, he'd been thinking about it for a while and not in a bad way. Ever since he found his new body reacting to the sight of his naked mom he couldn't help imagining what it would feel like to slide into her wet folds.
He was almost too eager as he grabbed Lester from behind. He was already hard from Lester's teasing and he slid his borrowed cock into his mom's body. She was wet and tight and wonderfully warm. Desire concentrated itself in the base of his dick and he drove in deeper, gripping her fat hips as Lester bucked beneath him.
Seeing his torture wasn't having the intended effect, Lester raised his foot.
"Suck on my toes."
Max took his mom's foot and thrust it into his mouth, tongue sliding between each toe, tasting his mom's delightfully salty skin. They both learned something that day. Lester learned that Max's mom was in to feet, and Max learned that his mom was totally fuckable.

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