Immigrated 1

By request, same setup, different result:

"Aye, Dios mio!" Rosa, the young Mexican immigrant, cries as she opens her eyes and looks down at her new body.
You try to calm her down and explain what happened, that your mom was left brain dead but body intact, while Rosa was in an accident that left her with the opposite. The surgeons transplanted Rosa’s brain from her dying body and put it into your mom.
Your mom's face is wrinkled in disgust as she looks down at herself, complaining about how old she is now, how used she feels. She hefts one of your mom’s heavy tits and then drops it with a groan of revulsion. Then she looks up at you, realization just dawning, before swearing in a combination of English and Spanish.
"You're this woman's son? Gross."
Someone's brought in one of Rosa's former outfits. It was suggested she wear it as a way of acclimating to her new body. Rosa stands and dresses in clothes that are far too small for her. She struggles to get the skirt over her new plump butt. Her tits are crushed beneath a blue bra, her body held uncomfortably tight by the too-small clothes. She’s trying to dress your curvy mom’s body in clothes meant for a slender twenty-year-old.
You offer to help her adjust but she just gets mad at you, railing at you as if you made the decision to put her in an older woman's body. You give her your email and address and tell her to contact you if she needs anything. She snatches it from your hand and stuffs it down her top before strutting out of the room. You don't expect to see her again.

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