Unconventional extra credit

Will slid off his student’s panties and smiled at himself in the mirror. His eyes grazed up and down Beverly’s gorgeous form, his hands soon following, squeezing his tits until his nipples spiked out into sharp diamonds.
“This is definitely worth an extra A,” he mumbled to himself as he stared, entranced, at his body in the mirror.
The semester was almost over when Will was approached by Beverly, one of the students in his Psych 201 class. Her grades weren’t very good and she asked him if there was any extra credit she could do. Will was adamant that there was not.
“What about a little…unconventional extra credit,” Beverly asked.
At first Will thought she was hitting on him and refused, but then she explained that she could swap their bodies.
“You can have my body for a day, no questions asked,” Beverly said. “Consider it the best psych experiment ever.”
Will was skeptical but Beverly persisted, finally swapping their bodies just to show she was serious. When Will got over his shock, he agreed to her terms. One day. Anything he wanted.
He rushed straight back to his house and stripped off his clothes in front of the mirror. He fondled his new body, fingers groping greedily at his tits and ass before sliding down between his thighs and discovering how wet he’d made Beverly’s pussy.
Will enjoyed two wonderful orgasms in Beverly’s body, leaning back on the counter, legs splayed so he could enjoy the sight of her little pink pussy as he stroked himself.
Afterwards, he decided it would be an interesting psych experiment to go out into the world as her. And, hey, if he picked up a couple guys to really explore this body, so much the better.

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