Seth’s breath hitched in his throat when Harold pressed his warm cock against Seth’s slick new entrance. He almost told his friend to stop, that he wasn’t ready, but then Harold sunk in balls deep and – oh! – the warm filling of being filled was utterly delightful. Seth couldn’t keep his eyes off his new pussy, watching as his friend’s cock reappeared, slick with Seth’s lust, and then slid back in, spreading him apart. Seth’s little toes curled as hot pleasure spiked within him. He clutched at his tiny tits, breathlessly urging Harold on.
Seth had possessed Harold’s tutor, Mia, as a favor. He didn’t expect to love being in her body as much as he did, and it wasn’t long before they were naked, Harold plunging into Seth’s glistening folds.
Seth loved the sight of Mia’s body beneath him, loved how he could look down from behind her eyes to stare at her tits, how he could make her hand touch herself, how he could enjoy the slick heat of his pussy. Watching Mia’s body turned him on almost as much as getting fucked by his friend. Suddenly, Harold grunted and came, pumping hot cum into Seth’s tight hole as Seth squealed and clutched himself, the orgasm bursting through him.
Seth was disappointed that Harold had been so quick. As Harold stood, Seth stretched out on the couch, his hands coming down to touch Mia’s sopping wet folds.
“Just give me one more minute,” Seth moaned, fingering himself and enjoying the feel of his body revving up for another powerful orgasm.

Peyton is fired and goes into the office to retrieve his belongings, where he’s bent over his desk by his jerk of a boss in Payback (Chapter 3) available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.

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