Self care

Alice threw her leg over her body double and clasped her hand. So weird staring into her own eyes, watching a stranger move her body. Weird and exciting. Alice couldn’t deny the heat shooting through her as she caressed the boyfriend that had transformed into her identical twin.
Alice’s boyfriend, Vance, had confessed he could transform into anyone. Naturally, Alice thought he was lying so he proved it by transforming into an exact copy of Alice. She was shocked at first, but also a little excited. She’d always thought she was the hottest girl in school and, frankly, having Vance walking around in her body confirmed it. She’d always been curious about being with a woman, and she couldn’t think of a better woman to be with than herself. She’d surprised Vance by kissing him, tasting herself on his lips as she twined her hands through hair that was so familiar yet so different.
They were soon entwined on the floor. Vance didn’t resist as Alice grew closer and closer, until her hand slipped between them and stroked his soft pussy.
Alice wondered what she felt like, what she sounded like, what she tasted like. Her boyfriend had unlocked a powerful hidden part of her and she was eager to explore it.
They kissed some more, Alice enjoying her own soft body. Gradually she crept lower, until her lips and tongue were tracing up and down Vance’s new entrance. It was Alice’s first chance to taste a woman, and she tasted delicious.

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