Role reversal

“We shouldn’t be doing this,” Jake whispered, even as he placed his girlfriend’s hand on his friend’s head and guided it harder up against his pussy.
As Sebastian flicked his tongue across Jake’s slick folds, the heat inside Jake’s body intensified. Sebastian’s tongue worked wonders on Jake’s body, and his other hand came up to play with the tits that had so fascinated him when he was a guy and now he had complete ownership over. His entire body was soft and curvy and delicate in a wonderful way, and Jake’s greedy hands squeezed himself.
Jake and Sebastian had gone on a couples retreat in a cabin in the woods with their girlfriends. They didn’t know it was a body swapping cabin, and so were completely surprised when they all swapped bodies, the two guys each swapping with the other’s girlfriend. After reading the manual, they discovered that the swap was temporary and only as long as their three-day reservation.
Eventually the girls – in the guys’ bodies – went out to ski, leaving the guys to clean up as a sort of role reversal. But the guys were too tempted by their new bodies to clean properly, especially when they tried to do it naked.
Sebastian’s desire soon got the better of him and he knelt and tasted Jake’s delicious new pussy, winding him up into a twisting, moaning orgasm. The guys took turns pleasuring each other, the cleaning forgotten as they stroked and fingered and licked their new bodies.
The girls came home to find the cabin smelling of sex, and the two guys passed out in each other’s arms.

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