“Oh god, I’m so nervous,” Matthew said, hiding his face in his shirt and peering at his girlfriend, Tammy.
“It’s okay,” Tammy assured him, “You’ve got a great body.”
“I just…I can’t believe how self-conscious I am. You are. Whatever.” Matthew said, hiding his breasts behind his arms.
The two had swapped bodies as part of swapping therapy. Not only had they got each other’s bodies, they also got each other’s hangups. Matthew, who’d always loved looking at his naked girlfriend, now had trouble showing off his body because he was so critical of his new form and didn’t want to be the object of attention. Tammy was just the opposite, and couldn’t believe she’d ever been embarrassed about her body. Her new raging erection was demanding to see more.
“Shh, it’s all right,” Tammy said, embracing him gently, her new cock straining against her jeans as her hands found his soft skin. She’d never wanted to see tits more in her life and she gently coaxed her boyfriend to remove his shirt.
It was the physical phase of relationship therapy, where they had to get comfortable being naked in their new bodies. Tammy wanted a lot more than that as her former body was revealed inch by inch. Finally, she could understand where her boyfriend was coming from and how horny he got. Matthew, for his part, was experiencing how hard it was for his girlfriend to love her body and he just kept seeing all his flaws.
Tammy was determined to convince Matthew how attractive he was, and show him just how much he could enjoy her body if he would only relax.

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