Rather than fly to a corporate retreat, Tyson had done a body exchange, swapping bodies with Miko, a cute Japanese woman half an ocean away. He’d arrived in her body to find she was wearing a cute dress and had made herself up.
Tyson had spent the day waltzing around the retreat in Miko’s body. He wasn’t the only one there wearing someone else’s skin. A few other attendees had also opted to use the body exchange and he quickly bonded with these other execs who were in different bodies.
At the end of the day, Tyson retired to his room, exhausted. He stripped out of his dress and bent to take a look at the body he’d been wearing all day.
Oh, cute, Tyson thought to himself as his tiny breasts were revealed. He stroked his chest with his delicate hand, teasing his sensitive skin and enjoying the heat that pulsed through him as his nipples stood to attention. The long, thick hair draped down his front, tickling him. He giggled, and the sound of Miko’s adorable little voice stoked the fire between his thighs.
He soon had Miko’s little body stripped naked and was running his hands all over it, eventually dipping down between his legs to land on his glistening sex. Miko was small but her orgasm was tremendous, his high-pitched voice crying out with lust as he fingered himself again and again.
There were a few more days of the retreat left. Perhaps tomorrow night he’d spend some time with the others who’d opted to exchange bodies and maybe they could all have some fun.

Peyton is fired and goes into the office to retrieve his belongings, where he’s bent over his desk by his jerk of a boss in Payback (Chapter 3) available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.

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