Someone else’s wish

Request: Read recently an interesting story that gave me an idea. The story about an adult brother who has beef with his sister, because he is always goofing around. In their fight he sees a shooting star but she does not. To make up to her he says she can have his wish. She plays along and basically wishes for her innate desire to be married and very sexually involved with another guy. The wish comes true but because the wish technically belongs to the brother it becomes true for him. So he is suddenly a woman married to the crush of her sister.

Michael looked up and was instantly smitten with the man in the doorway. He brushed his sister’s long, silky hair from his face and couldn’t suppress his smile.
The man paused to admire Michael’s body, his eyes sweeping down to Michael’s adorable little ass. The man gave it a light smack and Michael threw his arms around the hunky man, pressing his sister’s soft body against his fiancee’s hard one for a deep kiss.
Michael had never seen Adrian before but he was instantly smitten and knew this was the man of his dreams and that they were to be married. It was as if the memories suddenly slotted into place.
Adrian’s appearance had distracted Michael from his new predicament. He’d been staring down at himself, just realizing that he was in his sister’s body when Adrian had appeared and all Michael’s fears and doubts were blown from his mind, replaced with a deep desire and affection.
It hadn’t always been like this. Michael and his sister used to fight a lot. One night, after a fight, Michael saw a shooting star and, to make up for their argument, asked his sister if she wanted his wish. It was supposed to be a cute, harmless apology. His sister wished to be married to a rich guy and be deeply in love.
The wish came true instantly. Only, since Michael was the one who saw the shooting star, he was the one who experienced the wish. Suddenly he was in his sister’s body in a richly decorated bedroom. That’s when Adrian entered and Michael suddenly understood everything. He also understood that, because of his sister’s wish, he wanted nothing more than for Adrian to take him back to bed and ravage him.

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