Didn’t give up

Kai originally purchased some time in Jennifer’s body through bodypossession.com to get her fired. He couldn’t stand her smarmy face and her entitled attitude. But she did have a hell of a body.
Kai started an affair with the intern, pulling him into Jennifer’s office on that first day and seducing him. It was easy to get the young, horny intern to drop his pants and fuck Kai’s new body. He spread his legs, welcoming the intern inside.
Kai’s eyes widened in surprise as his slick pussy was filled for the first time. he clutched the intern, and the intern grabbed his head, staring deep into Kai’s eyes with longing. That was the moment Kai got hooked, as they gazed into each other’s eyes and the intern slowly thrust in, growing quicker, building Kai’s body to an orgasm before the intern came as well. The hot rush of cum in Kai’s pussy was divine, and he thrust his hips up, yearning for the intern to fill him with his hot seed.
After that, Kai possessed Jennifer more and more, not to ruin her, but to enjoy an affair with intern. Kai spent hours in Jennifer’s body, touching himself as he thought about the intern, revving himself up for their lunchtime tryst where he would inevitably leave a huge wet spot on his desk. he tried to muffle his cries, but the office gossip spread fast.
Jennifer was soon fired, but Kai didn’t give up her body. He stayed inside to cultivate his relationship with the intern, meeting at lunch for a quick fuck.
Kai would soon need to figure out another job for his new life, but for now, the lunchtime tryst was all he thought about.

Peyton is fired and goes into the office to retrieve his belongings, where he’s bent over his desk by his jerk of a boss in Payback (Chapter 3) available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.

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