My wife never sucked my dick. Rather than talking to her like mature, responsible adults and working through the issue, I just paid a prostitute to possess her body through bodypossession.com. It was such a turn-on watching my prim and proper wife talk and act like a whore.
The prostitute loved her new body and was happy to show it off, jiggling her tits and running her hands around her new curves. It was such a huge step up from her own. And when she stroked my cock, opened my wife’s mouth and sucked me down like a pro it made my toes curl and I came quick, throbbing hot cum into her mouth which she guzzled down, moaning as she licked her lips and drank every drop.
We still had some time left in her possession so we hung out, playing video games – again, something my wife hated – and talking. She was very cool and we hit it off immediately. I can’t remember which one of us floated the idea of extending her stay in my wife’s body, but I readily agreed.
It’s been a few months and every time I think it’s time for my wife to return to her body, the prostitute wraps her lips around my cock and gazes up at me with those gorgeous green eyes as she sucks me long and slow.

In Chapter 4 of this multi-part serial, Peyton learns how much work he’ll have to put in to keep his new body looking good, which he’ll need to do to have any hope of breaking the spell. Available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords, or Amazon. Preview here.


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