Idle wish

Request: Hey I hope you are having a great holiday season. I have a caption I would love for you to make. Can you make one where I just make an random wish to myself that I wish I had an easier life and I get swapped into an older woman’s body and live a trophy wife’s life.

Jordan arrived home in the early morning after pulling the last shift at the restaurant. Just as he pulled into his driveway he got a text from his boss asking if he could come in that afternoon. Jordan didn’t want to go in but he needed the money.
“Fuck, I wish I had an easier life,” Jordan muttered to himself.
His vision flashed white and when he could see again he was in an unfamiliar house. He jumped, startled, and felt his body swinging in strange ways as something silky fell down his face. Even his startled gasp was different: lighter, more feminine.
He was in a well-maintained living room sitting on a plush couch. Whoever lived here seemed to be pretty well off but that wasn’t Jordan’s biggest surprise.
Looking down at himself, he found two breasts pressing up from beneath a grey sweater. His hands had delicate, beautifully manicured nails. Yoga pants stretched taut across an incredible ass.
“What the fuck?” He whispered to himself, reaching up to give his breasts a squeeze.
Yep. They were real. He knelt on the couch and ran a gentle hand up his taut thigh. Holy shit, he had a nice ass.
Somehow his wish had come true. He was in the body of a busty trophy wife. He soon found that his only jobs were to keep himself looking good and to please his husband.
The first job was hard – lots of dieting and exercise.
The second job was easy once Jordan got used to it. His husband was very attentive and Jordan was eager to spread his legs for him and moan as he was filled.
His new life was a lot easier, and a lot more fun, than his old.

In Chapter 4 of this multi-part serial, Peyton learns how much work he’ll have to put in to keep his new body looking good, which he’ll need to do to have any hope of breaking the spell. Available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords, or Amazon. Preview here.

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