Going to kill him

I was going to absolutely kill my boyfriend whenever I regained control of my body. I was sure from the way they were talking — using my and my best friend’s voices! — that they had no idea we were both still conscious as they moved our bodies around. I was stuck inside my head as my boyfriend controlled my body, while I experienced every physical sensation.
The salty taste of my best friend’s pussy on my tongue was revolting. My boyfriend inhaled the musky scent of her pussy, closing my eyes in delight as it filled my nose. I was revolted, but my body was not mine to control for now, so I felt myself growing horny and wet. God, I was getting off on licking my friend’s pussy.
She moaned and wrapped her fingers through my hair. I looked up at her as I dragged my tongue over her entrance. Our eyes met, hers flashing desire. I knew she was sopping wet. I could taste it, feel her dripping down my chin and cheeks, swallowing her in gulps as her juices gathered on my tongue.
“Fuck, that feels amazing,” she whispered, as my tongue landed on the bud of her clit.
My soon-to-be-ex boyfriend smiled, and ran my tongue harder against my friend’s clit, licking faster, following the rhythm of my friend’s body until she came, moaning and convulsing beneath us. I detested this, but my boyfriend’s emotions played out across my body, making me desperately horny.
By the time we switched positions and my best friend began going down on me I needed relief. I was going to fucking kill him, but first I needed to fucking cum.

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