A matter of time

I dragged the towel up and down my wife’s body, drying myself as my fingers continued to enjoy every delicate inch. Water dripped down my back, tracing the delightful curve of my ass just as I had done with my hand moments before.
I was still wet from the shower and from the way I’d been touching myself. I hoped the shower had drowned out my moans when my fingers landed on my delicate clit and stroked hard, urging me to a juddering orgasm.
Masturbating had been nice but I was still so horny. I needed more. She was still a little hesitant on my body but I was sure I could convince her.
We’d been “stuck” as each other for three days, ever since my machine had “broken”, leaving us “trapped” as each other. It was all bullshit of course. The machine would work again whenever I was ready, but I wasn’t ready yet.
First, I really wanted to seduce my wife and experienced what it would like to be fucked as her. I’d often imagined it while we had sex, imagined being the one on top, riding me, my slender hands grasping my wonderful breasts, her voice coming from my lips.
“Honey?” I called out. “Can you come in here for a second?”
“What’s up?” She asked, rounding the corner.
She probably expected another question about her body. Instead, I dropped my towel to the floor and stood naked in front of her.
“Oops, I dropped my towel,” I grinned.
I saw her eyes graze down my body. She shifted, her body becoming aroused at the sight of the beautiful naked woman I now was. It would only be a matter of time before she broke.

In Chapter 4 of this multi-part serial, Peyton learns how much work he’ll have to put in to keep his new body looking good, which he’ll need to do to have any hope of breaking the spell. Available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords, or Amazon. Preview here.

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