You lay back on the bed, giddy with exhaustion, throwing your hands up around your head. Your legs are still spread wide, your pussy still glistening, the warmth still reverberating through you, the musky scent of yourself still in the air.
Was that amazing or what? Joanna’s voice pipes up in your mind.
“That was fucking incredible,” you say with her voice, your slender chest still heaving. “But I think I’m ready for my body back now.”
Joanna had been semi-stalking you for a little while. She was cute but strange, showing up at parties you were at but not talking to you, just staring from afar. Frankly, you were too put off by her behavior to consider dating her, even more so when you discovered she’d been lying to other people about you. She made up this elaborate story of the two of you dating and told everyone on campus. You finally had enough and confronted her.
“You just don’t understand me,” she said. “But I can fix that.”
Before you could even wonder what that meant, you suddenly found yourself looking out at the world from within her cute body. You looked down at yourself and discovered you were inside of the woman who’d been stalking you.
“What the hell?” You gasped in her voice.
You like it? She asked from inside your mind. I knew you would. We can have a lot of fun together. Here, take off my top.
She insisted you do it, guiding you on how to touch her body until you were rocking with orgasm, your fingers deep in her pussy. You felt you had no choice but to comply in order to get your body back. You hoped one orgasm would be the end of it.
We’re going to have so much fun together. You’ll see. Come on, take me out.
For now you’re stuck in this crazy chick’s body. Whenever you balk at doing something she gets angry and threatens you with consequences. You don’t know what those consequences are, but given the powers she’s shown so far you’re sure they will be terrible. You’ve got no choice but to live her life for a while, becoming the crazy chick on campus as she orders you around. The masturbation isn’t bad, but you really want your life back.

In Chapter 4 of this multi-part serial, Peyton learns how much work he’ll have to put in to keep his new body looking good, which he’ll need to do to have any hope of breaking the spell. Available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords, or Amazon. Preview here.


  1. This is one I’d actually like to see more of, or even expanded into a story. The dichotomy of control between the two is actually really novel in a way that sets it apart from the usual possession premise.

  2. At least he is in control, at least for now. I get the feeling that if she does not see any progress in “understanding her” she will take direct control and show him exactly what that means.

  3. I will keep on balking.
    Unless the punishment is 🪦 ,I don’t care . If the punishment is👩🏻‍🦼 ,and living her life till end of time.
    This is why you make a compromise.
    She wants to play with her self, and stalk people, and he wants to learn ,and go to parties.
    Why not do make time for all 4 ?

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