Try this body out

“Oh my god, Look at these tits!” Austin squeaked. He yanked the neck of his dress, making his new tits spill out each side. He cupped them with an arm – they felt so wonderfully heavy and jiggly – and looked up excitedly at his friend.
“You’re welcome,” Jeremy grinned.
“And this woman won’t even know I’ve got her body?” Austin asked, squeezing his new breasts.
“Nope, look at her. Or, well, him now I guess.”
Across the parking lot there was now a duplicate of Austin’s former body carrying on as if nothing had changed. Reality had been altered to fit Austin’s new body. Everyone else in the world except Jeremy and Austin now always remembered Austin as a woman.
“You might want to pop those back in your dress before you get too much attention,” Jeremy said, blushing with excitement at watching the beautiful woman feel herself up.
“Oh, right,” Austin said, adjusting his dress back over his tits. Austin’s face was flush with excitement. “And you can change me back whenever I want?”
“Sure,” Jeremy said.
“Sweet,” Austin said. “Then how about you and me go home and try this body out?”
Jeremy didn’t mention that switching back would require finding Austin’s old body again. but if Austin asked to go back, Jeremy could just disconnect him from the device and alter reality so that Austin himself had always thought he was a woman. And, while he was at it, make him even hornier for Jeremy.

In the thrilling, double-sized conclusion to the Dark Lord’s Mistress series, Sanda has her fun as Layton while Layton desperately tries to get his body back before he loses the last of his humanity in Dark Lord’s Mistress 4, available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon.


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