Not what she’d signed up for

Request: A helpless inside story about a female employee at an investment firm who has her body “temporarily” repossessed to pay off outstanding debts to the company.

The world spun as Emily’s body laid itself on the table. Her bare breasts spilled down her side. Emily fought for control of her body but it was futile. Whoever was piloting her now had complete control and was making her the office slut to try to get this deal passed.
Emily’s legs spread and she gripped the client’s shirt, yanking him closer.
“Fuck me.” The words slipped from her mouth. A pleading tone. Horny and begging for it.
Emily hated how slutty she sounded. How slutty she was being forced to act. She felt everything but could control nothing. The man inside her was horny and growing wetter each second, which meant that Emily was horny and growing wetter each second. She felt her other hand slipping up to caress her tit as the guy inside her body groped her with her own hands. The client stripped off his clothes, his erection pressing up against her entrance.
Emily wondered who was controlling her this time. Brian? Dave? Someone who wanted to land this account. The company was in bad shape and Emily had been brought on board for this special project to recapture market share. At the time, she had no idea what she was signing up for. They told her someone would be piloting her body in the negotiations because it was better if it was led by a pretty woman. The first time had gone fine. Just talking. Signing papers. But this second time was out of control. The man in her body was throwing her at the client. It wasn’t what Emily had signed up for, but she was forced along for the ride as the man slipped inside her wet opening and her legs wrapped around him to pull him deeper.

In the thrilling, double-sized conclusion to the Dark Lord’s Mistress series, Sanda has her fun as Layton while Layton desperately tries to get his body back before he loses the last of his humanity in Dark Lord’s Mistress 4, available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon.

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