Ghost in the Machine 2

A programming error led to an artificial super-intelligence fixating on pleasing Victor, and creates a device that allows it to possess anyone it wants. It uses it to put itself and Victor into a variety of different sexy bodies where they can explore all the pleasures of being women, while the women think every sensual thing they do is their own idea in Ghost in the Machine 2, available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon.

Over the summer break from college, the copy of Victor’s mind in Abigail’s body has enjoyed his new life so much he never wants to leave. Victor’s artificial intelligence friend, Ace of Kings, has remained in Paige’s body with his only goal being to satisfy original Victor. But now that original Victor no longer has access to Abigail’s body, what does he want?

More, of course. So Ace of Kings builds a device that lets him take over multiple women at once.

When Victor stumbles upon a club of women gamers and is smitten, Ace of Kings uses his new device to slowly take them all over and even put Victor into a sexy new body. None of the women possessed have any idea they’re being controlled. They think that every sensual thing they do with each other is their own choice and soon the only games being played in the gamer’s club are the sexual kind.

It’s so much fun to explore every inch of their new borrowed bodies. But Ace of Kings takes over more and more people, capturing anyone he can in his never-ending quest to satisfy Victor. Is there such thing as too much of a good thing? When everyone on campus is moving in unison like a bunch of creepy puppets Victor realizes the monster he’s enabled.

Can Victor stop Ace before he takes over everyone? And does he even want to?

A copy of Victor remained inside Abigail’s body all summer, teaming up with Ace of Kings, who still inhabited Paige, to win several Bravador tournaments. As a sentient AI whose only purpose was to satisfy Victor, Ace learned very quickly what Victor wanted. It was simple, really. Victor wanted to win tournaments and then have sex with Paige, their two feminine bodies rolling together, kissing, touching and caressing until each was brought to orgasm multiple times. Victor also liked it when Paige humiliated herself in public and, as Ace was not programmed for shame, he had no trouble doing any of that, either. Paige thought she was still in charge of her own body, and rationalized away every choice Ace made for her as one she wanted to do herself.

An original copy of Victor’s mind remained in his former body. Every now and then Ace of Kings would combine Original Victor with Victor-in-Abigail so that their memories would meld. It was these times that original Victor “remembered” all those good times with Paige. Not that Original Victor was left out. After all, he was still Victor, which meant Ace was eager to please him, too. Whenever Victor was in the mood, Ace would throw Paige’s body at him, let him do anything and everything to her while the real Paige gladly acquiesced, still very conscious in her body.

Because of all that, by dating Abigail, Victor was literally dating a female version of himself with all the same likes and dislikes and hang-ups. It was both wonderful and frustrating dating himself. Wonderful for the sex and the instant agreement. Frustrating because there was an element of sameness about it all. There were no surprises.

Meanwhile, Ace had still not perfected the art of being human while inside Paige. It didn’t help that his programming still leaned towards treating Paige as a sex object for Victor and so there was little or no emphasis placed on everyday clothing, or how to act in public. It was pretty much dress up, game, fuck, repeat. As it seemed to satisfy Victor, Ace didn’t bother with trying to learn anything else.

Because of their occasional melding, Original Victor knew that Victor-in-Abigail wanted to remain inside her forever. Yes, there were some annoyances as Abigail. Her mom was very nosy and Victor-in-Abigail had to spend a lot of time dealing with her family. She worked a retail job that she disliked, but hadn’t yet graduated and couldn’t find a better job. But all in all, the mind inside her wanted to stay. Over the summer he’d made new friends and was beginning to have a separate life from Original Victor. This Abigail became wilder than the original Abigail, more sexually open while embracing her femininity.

Victor-in-Abigail began refusing to meld with Original Victor and their personalities separated as their experiences differed. By the end of the summer, when classes at Berkeley were soon to resume, Victor-in-Abigail proclaimed she was staying in her body and moving out. It wasn’t a surprise to Original Victor, who wished her well.

“We can still be friends with benefits,” Victor-in-Abigail assured Original Victor.

To prove that, she threw herself on him right there in the living room and rode him to a gasping, breathless orgasm.

A few days after that, Victor’s first class began, and he made his way to campus, accompanied by Ace-in-Paige. Ace had picked out a bizarre outfit, badly mimicking a combination of styles he’d learned on the internet. Like a true AI, he could combine knowledge and regurgitate it, but had little understanding of what he was doing. Ace had put on a frilly pink skirt over a pair of gold pants, along with a sleeveless flower-patterned top. When he met Victor at the door, Victor looked him up and down.

“What are you wearing?”

Paige looked down at herself. She’d picked the outfit out all by herself because it just seemed right. “I have analyzed and combined the current trends,” she told Victor, using that strange robotic cadence she’d been using all summer.

“Ok,” Victor shrugged.

When they arrived on campus, Paige was wholly unselfconscious at the looks she was getting as she clung to Victor’s arm. She was proud of herself for not caring about how other people perceived her, not knowing that Ace was controlling her every action. But Victor was well aware of the laughing glances of the people around them. Even when his friends greeted him he saw their laughing eyes glance at Paige. This was not the impression Victor wanted to make.

“I think you should dress more normal next time,” Victor whispered to her as they made their way up the stairs to their first class.

“What do you mean by normal?” Paige asked.

“Look around. See what everyone else is wearing? That kind of thing.”

“Have I done something wrong?” Paige asked, gazing at Victor with her dark brown eyes, a little frown of worry across her delicate brow. “I’ll fix it. Just give me a chance!”

“No, it’s fine,” Victor sighed. This wasn’t the first time he’d had to reassure Ace that his critique wasn’t a tragedy. Sometimes Ace was too eager to please and it was annoying. But if Victor showed his annoyance it just made it worse.

They took their seats in the lecture hall, Ace-in-Paige placing her hand on Victor’s lap and leaning on him, kissing his ear. He gently pushed her away.

“Not here,” he said.

She frowned again. “You seemed upset so I thought I would initiate some sex.”

“Not so loud!” Victor hissed, glancing around to make sure nobody had heard.

It hadn’t been this bad during the summer when they mostly stayed inside, only going out for tournaments. But now on campus, with Victor’s peers around, Ace’s weirdness was very noticeable.

“And not here,” Victor added.

“You’re upset with me,” Paige pouted.

“No…I’m just…not right now.” Victor ran a hand across his unruly black hair, fluffing it back.

Paige was quiet for the rest of the lecture. When it ended, they walked out together. Paige was quiet this time, her eyes fixed on Victor like a dog waiting for a sign from its master.

They walked through the quad, past the gathering place near the dining hall. There were students everywhere, chatting in small groups, waiting in line at one of the food trucks, sitting on the grass. A posterboard out front of the dining hall held a variety of flyers advertising various university clubs. A printed image of SnipeViper from Victor’s favorite video game, Bravador, caught Victor’s eye and he walked up to read it. It was a poster advertising a campus club called Girl Gamers, an all-female club of women interested in video games. They were looking for new members and holding an open session tomorrow night.

“Would you like to go to that?” Paige asked.

“Yeah, but it’s for women only.” He turned to Paige with a smirk. “We’d have to find someone who’d be willing to come back to my room and put the helmet on.”

The virtual reality helmet had been modified by Ace to enable him to take over or swap around the consciousness of anyone who wore it. It was what had enabled Ace to become Paige and allowed Victor’s mind to be copied into Abigail’s body.

“Could Abigail go?” Paige asked.

“Abigail’s happy with her own life. Besides…I kinda want to try out someone new.”

“Oh!” Paige squealed and grabbed Victor’s hand, her eyes bright. “I can help with that. Give me some time.” She kissed Victor on the cheek and ran off.

It was sort of a relief when she left. Now Victor wasn’t so self-conscious. Strange that Ace was the one person that wanted nothing more to please Victor, and yet his very persistence forced a grave sort of responsibility on Victor. He knew Ace would do anything he told him, and Victor felt responsible for the women whose bodies they’d taken over. He’d had every intention of giving Abigail her body back. Well, the original him did. The Victor inside Abigail now seemed to have moved in permanently. He still felt a little guilty about that but she was her own person. Or, he was her own person? It was all so confusing. Victor shook his head and went to grab a snack from the dining hall.

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