Tyler heard a noise behind him and dropped his breasts to turn warily. Lauren’s husband stood in the doorway.
“Don’t stop on my account,” he grinned, his eyes traveling up and down Tyler’s naked body.
Tyler flushed, suddenly self conscious and nervous. He’d possessed his neighbor’s body while she was alone and had tossed off her clothes to feel himself up. His hands had caressed the breasts he’d been coveting for so long. Each touch built the desire within his core, until his pussy was slick. He’d just been preparing to wiggle his panties off and really have some fun when his neighbor’s husband had come home.
Tyler paused, unsure what to say. The husband swept him up from behind, pressing himself against Tyler’s body and hugging him from behind. The husband’s hands slid over Tyler’s breasts groping him as he kissed Tyler’s neck. Despite the awkwardness of having his neighbor groping him, the touch felt so nice against Tyler’s skin.
Tyler sighed, pressing back against the husband and rubbing his ass up against the husband’s growing cock. Tyler had always fantasized about seeing his neighbor’s tits bounce up and down as she rode a cock. It wouldn’t be so bad to see it from her own perspective.

In the thrilling, double-sized conclusion to the Dark Lord’s Mistress series, Sanda has her fun as Layton while Layton desperately tries to get his body back before he loses the last of his humanity in Dark Lord’s Mistress 4, available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon.

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