This always happened

Dale pulled his lips off the cock he was sucking with a wet pop and looked up at the newest visitor to the office.
“Be right with you,” he said, before sucking on the cock once again.
His lips drew down and up the slick shaft as he filled his mouth, moving his head faster, moaning as he sucked.
The newest visitor to the office waited patiently for Dale to finish. He knew Dale had been cursed by the Stranger and turned into a hot Asian secretary who was compelled to blow everyone who came into the office.
Dale dragged his tongue along the length of cock in his mouth, moving faster, until the man exploded, shooting hot cum down Dale’s throat as he gulped it all down until the cock ceased throbbing in his mouth. Dale carefully pulled it out from between his lips, making sure to lick off every drop so it didn’t fall on his dress. He was getting to be an expert at that.
“Now,” Dale said to the man he’d just sucked off, sitting back and wiping his lips. “What’s your name?”
The man gave Dale his name and Dale looked it up.
“Oh, you’re appointment isn’t until next week?”
“Oh yeah?” The guy said, in a manner that suggested he already knew that. “I’ll come back, then.”
Dale sighed. This always happened. As he turned to the newest visitor and the Stranger’s magic compelled Dale to get to his knees and reach for the man’s cock, the man grinned down at him.
“I don’t have an appointment, either,” he admitted.
The spell didn’t care. Dale was still forced to service him like an expert.

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