“Ok, yeah. Those are pretty big,” Jonah said as Henry helped take off Adam’s bra. “I still think mine are bigger,” he added, giving his own massive tits a squeeze.
“We’ll have to do a touch test,” Adam said, once he’d dropped his bra to the floor.
The three guys all grabbed each other’s tits, stroking and hefting them. Their bodies warmed wonderfully under the gentle touch of the other’s fingers.
Jonah, Henry and Adam hadn’t known each other before visiting Swap Resort. But after finding themselves in the bodies of large-busted women, they’d gravitated to each other and spent most of the morning comparing their new bodies. It wasn’t long before they were arguing over who had the biggest tits. There was only one way to settle it, and all the guys had soon taken off their tops and were marveling at each other. The touches became strokes became kisses became licks, until the three were a writhing pile of limbs and tits and ass near the ocean, moaning in succession as they came.
They all requested to stay in their bodies for the rest of the week, and spent the time thoroughly enjoying themselves. They were disappointed when they eventually had to leave, but they all vowed to keep in touch and come back to the resort in a few weeks, though they doubted they’d get such a trifecta of tits next time.

I was at a strip club for my bachelor party when a sudden global event made most people in the world swap bodies. Now I’m in the body of the incredibly busty strip club headliner in Swapped with a Stripper, available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon. (Note: It’s a dollar more on Amazon because they won’t let you price stories below $2.99 unless you make it an Amazon exclusive. Sorry!) Preview here.

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  1. Could you write one where the main characters girlfriend has been hopped by a monster whose looking to make money back through prostitution? (The main character is in debt to the mob)

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