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Alan just managed to activate the custom app on his phone before the Enforcers grabbed him. The chaotic laboratory vanished and he found himself in a huge house, but off balance.
He fell backward, the unexpected high heels on his feet made him fall back. He landed on the floor with a thump, knees in the air. Looking down, Alan found that his legs were long and lean and covered by stockings. A lacy bra supported two impressive breasts, which wobbled at the sudden stop. He was nearly naked beneath a long, sexy throw.
A man rushed to him. “Are you okay?” The man asked, helping Alan to his feet.
“I’m fine, I’m fine,” Alan said in a delicious feminine alto.
He’d escaped the Enforcers temporarily but they would eventually lock on to his brain waves and come find him. Without access to his app he was stuck in this body. He needed to get back to the Undergrounders and tell them everything he knew. They were the only ones who could help him now.
The man who’d helped him to his feet slipped his arm around Alan’s waist and guided him up the stairs.
“I should go,” Alan said.
He began to turn but the man’s grip tightened around his waist.”
“Not yet,” he grinned. “I paid for the full hour.”
The man was much bigger than Alan and he had no choice but to follow the man into the bedroom, where he went along with everything. It wasn’t so bad being in a prostitute’s body. Especially when the sex was so enjoyable. Alan couldn’t keep his hands off his new tits, and the man seemed to enjoy watching Alan as much as he enjoyed watching himself.

I was at a strip club for my bachelor party when a sudden global event made most people in the world swap bodies. Now I’m in the body of the incredibly busty strip club headliner in Swapped with a Stripper, available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon. (Note: It’s a dollar more on Amazon because they won’t let you price stories below $2.99 unless you make it an Amazon exclusive. Sorry!) Preview here.

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