Suddenly Cindy 2 (MtF Mind Clone)

Sebastian, his mind still stuck in Cindy’s body, has found a huge group of other women who are being unknowingly possessed by incels and forced to do the most depraved things, all while believing everything they do is of their own free will in Suddenly Cindy 2, only available on Body Swap Stories or Smashwords.


The smile across my face felt forced as I gave Harrison a smooch on the cheek. Sure, he was corpulent and cruel with no redeeming features but I’d just had a threesome with him so there must have been something I liked about him.

“I gotta piss,” I said. I didn’t really have to go but I figured Harrison liked crudity.

I was right. He grinned at me and then grabbed a fistful of my hair and jammed our lips together. His tongue forced its way into my mouth and I succumbed to his slobbery kiss, pretending to enjoy it until he released me.

I slid out of bed and didn’t even bother hunting around the floor for my clothes. I think I just wanted to get out of there. For some reason I was burning with embarrassment about having sex with him and Megan. Weird. It was no worse than anything else I’d done recently. I mean, I’d basically been sleeping my way across campus.

And then I realized why I was so embarrassed: I’d been trying to become a new person and this was a step backwards. That made sense. As I walked to the door I flipped my dark hair out my eyes and wiped Harrison’s drool off my face. I could feel his eyes on my wiggling ass as I left.

I shut the bedroom door behind me and looked around the hallway. A half-open door looked into a bathroom. Past that were two more doors. The house had a double height entrance so that from this part of the hallway I could look all the way down to the front door. Downstairs, a guy was going at it with the blonde pixie-cut woman—Abigail, I think her name was. She was leaning on the wall as he plunged into her from behind. Their backs were to me so I just saw his pale naked buttocks thumping into her again and again as she moaned. Abigail was a cute woman and I thought she could do so much better than the rat-faced guy she was having sex with but to each his own.

I ignored them for the moment and put my ear against the closest door. From inside came the faint cry of a woman either cresting to orgasm or doing a damn good job faking it. I moved on to the door at the end of the hallway. Each creak of the wooden floorboards caused a rush of panic through me. I guess I really didn’t want to interrupt anyone having sex.

The door at the end of the hallway had a big brass doorknob. With a quick glance back towards the bedroom where Harrison lay, I turned the knob and cracked open the door. Inside was a big room that, at first glance, appeared to be used for storage. Discarded electronics, piles of wires, and jumbles of circuit boards were piled around the edges of the room. The street light shining through the window illuminated a heavy-looking metal box on the floor in an area cleared of junk.

I snuck into the room and closed the door quietly behind me. I moved closer to the big metal box to get a better look. It was roughly the size and shape of a carry-on suitcase, with two big handles soldered to either side. One face had a keyboard and a small digital screen set into it, along with a few extra buttons and diodes around the sides. The metal edges of the casing had been sealed together messily as if whoever had done it hadn’t cared about aesthetics. I tested picking it up but struggled to lift it.

Something about it made me excited. My heart started beating faster and I knelt down to examine the screen. I pushed one of the buttons and the screen lit up with text. It looked like a set of programming commands but I couldn’t make out what they were supposed to do. After poking around fruitlessly for a few seconds I turned my attention to the rest of the room. A desk in one corner looked like a computer workbench, cluttered with small tools and a precariously piled stack of papers.

The papers were a handwritten mess, with things crossed out or underlined, but it appeared to be some schematics for the machine in front of me mixed in with theories on brain anatomy. I couldn’t work out exactly what the machine was supposed to do. There was a lot of gibberish about inference fields and boundary responses and beta and gamma wavelengths. After a few minutes of flipping through the mess I gathered that it was something about duplicating beta and gamma wavelengths from a human brain within a set radius but to what end I had no idea.

Using the notes as a reference, I pecked around through the program on the machine. I guess in my excitement I forgot a lot of my programming knowledge because I skipped through directories and poked around files seemingly at random. After a few minutes of fruitless searching I stopped.

“Shit.” I sighed.

I stood and tucked my hair out of my face. With my hands on my hips I looked around the room. I bit my lower lip and peered out the window. I quietly pushed open the window and peered out, as if looking for a way to climb down. Nothing. I closed the window and set everything back the way I’d found it, then made my way out the door.

I opened it a crack and peeked out. The hallway was empty. I quickly stepped out and carefully closed the door behind me, holding the handle turned until the door was all the way closed so the latch wouldn’t click. When I turned around Patrick was standing there and I jumped a little and gave a quick squeak of surprise, my hands flying to my mouth.

Patrick was the guy with buck teeth and bad skin who’d accosted me in the kitchen earlier that evening. Patrick was my usual partner and I had been ready to have sex with him that evening until Harrison had intervened.

“There’s my little cumslut,” Patrick grinned, using the name I’d called myself earlier. “Everyone else got them some, now I need to get mine.”

Before I even knew what was happening he was kissing me. His breathe was rank and I pulled back, knocking into the door behind me. It wasn’t anything different than usual and I was surprised by the fierceness of my own reaction. He peered at me.

“Come on, you’re just me,” he whined. “And I want to do this.” He leered at my tits.

I hesitated. Why did I hesitate? Maybe I didn’t want to have sex with him. It wasn’t his appearance. I mean, my standards had been really low recently so he would definitely do. Just about anyone with a dick and a pulse would do. Then again, I was supposed to be turning over a new leaf.

My eyes flicked past him to the hallway. Everyone else here was having sex and it would look really weird if I opted out. I felt my face twist into a slight grimace as I looked up at his greedy face.

“Come here,” I said suddenly, taking him by the hand and leading him into the bathroom.

There was an ornate mirror over the sink. I leaned on the porcelain and stared at my beautiful reflection. My black hair hung straight down my cheeks, wafting in the slight breeze. For some reason looking at myself made me smile and brought a flush of warmth through me. This was what other people saw, huh? The adorable chick with the friendly face, delicate features, small but bouncy tits, and the cute ass.

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