Really difficult 2

Part 1 is here

Request: Hi I want to make a request for a sequel to Really difficult. In this sequel I want to see Liz and Simon keep secret to the father Kevin that the stranger’s curse actually wore out a week ago and somehow gave the mom and son the ability to swap whenever they personally wanted to. Simon loved being his sexy milf mom and was turned on riding his young stud body controlled by his mom, so they kept pretending like the curse was still going on. One day the dad hears this and decides enough is enough and gets in on the action. Simon doesn’t mind and loves taking in more cock as a sexy milf and the other two love fucking the sexy milf.

Liz and Simon didn’t realize that the curse had stopped at some point. They just kept trading bodies and having sex out of habit. When Liz did point out that they could stop, Simon shrugged and jumped back into his mom’s body before plunging his mouth around his own massive dick. Simon loved being his sexy MILF mom and was turned on riding his young stud body. Liz, too, enjoyed shoving her son’s big dick between her former lips and grabbing her own heavy tits. So they kept it a secret from Kevin.
One day, Kevin overheard them planning to swap bodies for another round.
“You mean you can stop anytime you want?” He cried in exasperation.
They mumbled agreement. Kevin was livid. “All this time you two were fucking and I could have joined in?”
Kevin tore off his clothes and the three tumbled onto the couch. Simon raised his mom’s leg in the air and Kevin slid into his wet, warm hole. Simon sighed in contentment as his dad filled him from one side and his mom from the other. he rocked back and forth on their dicks, moaning as his horny body approached orgasm until his body shook with pleasure and his eyes rolled back in his head as they filled him with their seed.
After that the three had sex all the time, Kevin joining in whenever he could. Watching his son enjoying being in his busty wife’s body made him jealous, and he thought about seeking out the Stranger and begging him to “curse” him as well.

Rebecca Moore in Brazzers

Sebastian, his mind still stuck in Cindy’s body, has found a huge group of other women who are being unknowingly possessed by incels and forced to do the most depraved things, all while believing everything they do is of their own free will in Suddenly Cindy 2, only available on Body Swap Stories or Smashwords. Preview here.


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