Get out!

“Young lady, what do you think you’re doing?!” Emma raged, her hands on her hips looking down at her boyfriend and her former body.
“Shit. Uh, sorry Mrs. Jenson,” Alan said, half-turning, his cheeks still shiny with Emma’s body’s juices.
“God, mom!” Emma’s daughter, April, rolled her eyes. “This isn’t your body anymore. You don’t control it.”
“What if you get yourself pregnant?”
“I can’t even get pregnant. I’m like fifty.”
“You’re forty-three. And, yes, you can still get pregnant.”
“Um, should I leave you two alone?” Alan asked, his hand still locked around April’s leg.
“Yes,” Emma said at the same time as April said, “No.”
“Mom, get out!”
Emma couldn’t stand to see her old body whine. But this was just more awkwardness that had become normal since the Great Shift. Emma had meant to talk with her daughter, but now she was apparently too late.
“Stop this right now!” Emma said, stamping her foot in frustration.
“No. Come on, Alan, get back in there.” April grabbed Alan’s head and thrust it back between her legs, holding him there as he slid his tongue back into her pink folds. She looked up at her mom and smiled before throwing back her head and moaning. “Oh, god, mom, Alan knows just how to work your pussy.”
Emma stormed out. She April had always been wild but now, in Emma’s body, she was practically uncontrollable.

I was at a strip club for my bachelor party when a sudden global event made most people in the world swap bodies. Now I’m in the body of the incredibly busty strip club headliner in Swapped with a Stripper, available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon. (Note: It’s a dollar more on Amazon because they won’t let you price stories below $2.99 unless you make it an Amazon exclusive. Sorry!) Preview here.

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